5 Things you should know about IIFA Awards.

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IIFA ( International Indian Film Academy) awards were introduced by ‘Wizcraft International Entertainment Pvt Ltd.’ They are organized annually in all over the World. These events are watched by the audience of more than 800 million viewers around the Globe. Let’s read it further :-Image result for iifa awards 2016

1) IIFA first journey began in the year 2000 at the Millennium Dome in London. Since then, it is hosted in many countries around the World. Among them some countries were London, Singapore, Malaysia, Bangkok , Macau, Dubai, Amsterdam, Sun City , Johannesburg and 2016 IIFA was held in Madrid.

2) IIFA Popular Awards

Main purpose of IIFA is to promote Indian Cinema globally. IIFA Awards are divided into 3 categories and IIFA Popular Awards is one of them. As the name itself suggests , something which is next to unique. This is given to the contestant from nominated contestants on the basis of their popularity in a particular movie or a character in the film.

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This falls in second category. This was introduced to ensure that all the deserving actors or actresses or others should get a special recognition from the film industry itself.

4) IIFA Technical Awards

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IIFA has evolved so much that it is most honoured south Asian Film Academy. This award is given to contestant who are really creative and have knowledge in the technical department which is connected to Indian film industry. In this many sub categories fall, such are :- Best Art Direction, Action, costumes design, background score, special effects, makeup and so on.

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IIFA as an event is full of colorful lights and dazzling atmosphere all around ,which is only held to motivate the best artists in Indian Film industry. IIFA Madrid 2016 was held a month before and it was the far best from all the other IIFAS. Deepika Padukone’s and Tiger Shroff’s performance was the best as per the reviews of the audience present at time of the event.                                                                 Image result for iifa awards 2016

So, next time do visit IIFA Award. I assure you that you will enjoy it thoroughly. As it’s glam sham is the best as compare to other awards held globally.