Mihir from ‘Ye hai Mohabbatein’ posted this about Divyanka Tripathi!

The recently married Divyanka Tripathi is  just like Ishita of ‘Ye Hai Mohabbatein’. She is also loved byeveryone just like her character Ishita. Divyanka Tripathi shares a wonderful bond with her co actors  as well. Recently Mihir of ‘Ye Hai Mohabbatein posted a super cute picture of Divyanka Tripathi and also shared this super cute caption. We hope Divyanka Tripathi has read this and is on seventh moon!

It read:

“Divyanka Tripathi is the Biggest female TV star in India & is also the Humblest, Super Successful but SuperHuman hardworking, with a million dollar smile that can light up the moon but at the same time with her feet firmly planted on the ground, i see her everyday on set at work as she is my co-star & a very dear friend. She recently got married, DT still not given you a Wedding Gift i hope i can make do with this temporarily. As a rule i never share pictures of my actor life or Co Actors on this account today making an exception for this picture. DT i hope you like it. Warning – strictly no stealing or misappropriating of the image clicked by #RSAImage…. If anyone writes nonsense tries to act Over smart or ReEdits the picture he or she will be instantly blocked plz inform me of individuals & their accounts that destroy this Image , its a gift & i don’t want to see this anywhere else as its the 1”

This was a super sweet message. Wasn’t it?



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