Rustom :- Thriller Film

Rustom which released on 12 th of august in cinemas near you. It is written by Vipul K Rawal and mind blowingly directed by Tinu Suresh Desai.  The lead actor is Rajeev Bhatia known by the name of Akshay Kumar and actress Ileana D’Cruz. I personally feel that they did the fantastic job in the field of acting.

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As Akshay Kumar played a role of Commander named Rustom. As the name itself suggests that the story is based on the commander and his life revolving around him. According to Tinu Suresh Desai he took Akshay Kumar for this role because of his height and ofcourse his acting, which is the best of all the other actors.


Couple of weeks back, Akshay Kumar was interviewed by one of the journalist. In which he asked number of questions. One of the fascinating questions he asked about his character in the movie. Akshay Kumar said that Rustom is the character which he always one to play and when he read the script. He immediately said yes. As the script demands for Navy Commander, he highlighted in his interview that his father was in Navy. So, as he saw him and his inspiration for the Nation was commendable.

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I personally believe Akshay Kumar is an actor who is an extra ordinary as compare to other actors. He actually put a lot of efforts as the script demands. He is the only one who is the mixture of everything that is he can do comedy, emotional scenes and action too. How can you forget that he is known by the name of Khatro Ke Khiladi. Yes he is the action master and we all love his action movies.

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Actor also promoted his film in one of the colleges of Delhi University. Recently Akshay Kumar himself went to Hansraj College, North Campus. He was wearing a hat and cool sunglasses which he throws away in the crowd. At last, sunglasses were found in pieces when two to three fans showed it to me.

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Many of the students across other Universities came and enjoyed that experience. Akshay Kumar said number of dialogues from his film such as “Bache ki jaan lagi kya”, “Don’t angry me” from his earlier movies that are Mr and Mrs Khiladi and Rowdy Rathore.


He also visited India Gate, Delhi couple of days back where he also promoted his movie Rustom and said few words about Army men and their sacrifices for our Nation.