This is what Shahid’s mother is going to gift Shahid’s baby!

The Internet has broken ever since there came the news of Shahid Kapoor becoming a father came! People started creating pictures of the child using various internet tools even before the child was born. Now that Shahid is blessed with a baby girl, paparazzi is at its crazy best from clicking pictures of Mira and the baby coming home to waiting desperately to see the pictures of the baby to even thinking of baby names!

Recently Shahid’s mother Neelima Azim was asked what she would gift to the baby to which she gace a heartwarming answer. She said,

“What is the point of rushing to the market and buying something for your grandchild? It won’t have a personal touch. I’ve bought all the necessary materials and I am crafting a couple of things for the child myself. It’s a surprise for the parents, and a different sort of joy for me to do all this. I’ve been working on it for a while now. I just hope I can give it finishing touches before the baby arrives.”

Aww! Good wishes for the mother and child and the entire family!



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